• Registered Chrity No. 1116624
  • Email : worldtamil2012@gmail.com
Empowering communities throught intergrated Projects and working towards a stronger Tamil Business Network.

About Us

World Tamil Organisation (UK) is a registered charity organisation (CC Registration Number: 1116624). It was established in 2005with the aim of promoting the welfare of the Tamil community in several aspects especially in arts and culture in the London Borough of Merton.

One of our important objectives is to provide relief work for the deprived and needy people not only during times of natural disasters, but also helping persons affected by poverty, sickness and distress in the UK and abroad through a regular programme of financial assistance and voluntary relief work.To achieve these goals, we aim to run regular programmes in Merton, such as evening training class for practical IT skills, Tamil classical music and extra educational support for school children.

We provide advice and support to disadvantaged community members to access government services and career assistance.

We also organise and host several communal events in Merton to coincide with festivals such as Pongal, Eid, Christmas, Diwali and other festive occasions. These cultural events, in addition to serving as a platform for showcasing the young talents in arts, also provide the much needed venue and opportunity for community members to get to know each other and discuss a variety of subject matters. Judging by our past events, it is very clear that they promote understanding among the different culture groups and communal cohesion.One of our aims is to channel aid and monetary efforts towards the remedy of people in need in developing countries, as we did during the Tsunami disaster.